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Cosmic IQ: Outer Space

Journey To The Edge Of The Universe. Discover Our Place In It!

Cosmic IQ, where the sky is not the limit and reaching for the stars is only just the beginning!”

From the comfort of your own venue, explore the galaxy and beyond on this exciting and immersive adventure as we explore our solar system, planets, moons, stars and beyond. Using cutting edge projection, large-screen film content and a facilitator guided expedition, participants will be treated to incredible imagery and some breathtaking perspectives from outer space.


We start our expedition on the Moon, our closest celestial neighbor, which serves as our portal into the solar system. From our launch site on the moon, we will continue our journey deep into our own galaxy and well beyond to the furthest reaches of the observable universe.


Our program features real footage taken by NASA and other space program telescopes. These technologies have made it possible for us to experience the universe up close. Join us on this cosmic adventure to discover that the sky is not the limit and that reaching for the stars is only just the beginning!



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