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Program Details, Info & Logistics

​​​HOW LONG IS a Cosmic IQ Program SESSION?

Each session runs for 45 minutes.


We Cater For up to 40 participants per session.

​​​Can You Describe What The Cosmic IQ Experience Entails?

The program is set in a mobile planetarium theatre which we bring to your venue. The program has three parts:

  1. The Guided Tour
  2. The 3D Movie
  3. Touch Down.

Featuring incredible 3D simulations, a fulldome movie, and immersive media, participants are transported into deep space as we journey from Earth to the moon, through the solar system and into deep space.

​​​What Materials does the program cover?

On our expedition we will gain some important perspective. We will learn to see the world from the perspective of NASA astronauts and come to appreciate how precious and rare our only home – planet earth – is.

In addition to exploring the solar system, planets, moons, Kuiper Belt and deep space, we will experience the enormity and unfathomable scale of the universe which can make us feel rather small and insignificant here on our minute speck called Earth. In contrast, inspired by the vision of the Google Lunar X Prize, we will be inspired to dream BIG and to imagine ourselves as change makers with the potential to make a BIG difference.

​​​What do you need from us to accommodate the cosmic IQ program?

The Space: To set up our planetarium dome, we need a space with a clearance of at least 25 feet in width and length as well as a clearance of 13 feet height. Most social halls, lunch rooms, gyms and auditoriums are sufficient. We also strongly suggest that the space provided is not shared by other activities.

Air Conditioning: Please keep the room at a low AC temperature to help keep the dome cool. If you do not have an AC option please inform us beforehand.

Power Outlet: We require power to operate our planetarium and projection system.

Supervision: A big part of maintaining a controlled and overall successful program environment is to ensure that we have support from teachers, counselors and staff in ensuring that the program flows well and that the participants are able to follow the program instructions.


Due to the sensitive nature of the equipment, the Cosmic IQ program is designed to take place indoors.
An outdoor set up requires special preparation. Please contact us in advance if you have any questions about the setup location of your program. We will do our best to accommodate.

​​​Off-loading, Set-up and Parking:

Please try and make accommodations for us to be able to offload our equipment and pack down after the program is complete. Because we will be bringing large and heavy equipment for the program, we request that the easiest possible offloading point and elevators (freight or regular) be made available to us.

It is also very helpful for us to be provided a parking space in situations where parking is limited or difficult to find. If parking is unavailable and we need to pay for a parking space, we will submit receipts to you to cover the parking expenses.

​​​Working with you:

We are aware that each program setting is going to be different. If you have a specific situation or space which requires special arrangements, we will do our utmost to accommodate you as best we can. Please feel free contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns at or on 201 735 9222.

We Look Forward To Sharing This Experience With You

Cosmic IQ was a wonderful experience for our children. All age groups from Kindergarten to 8th Grade really enjoyed themselves. The experience was fun, provided plenty of knowledge, and was a new adventure for them.
Sivan Ben-Aderet – Samuel Field YM&YWHA

“The girls LOVED the program. The staff of Cosmic IQ were very easy to work with. Set up and breakdown took no time at all and they were amazing with the kids.”
Andrea Apruzzese – Saint Dominic Academy – Jersey City, NJ

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