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Preparing your group for the Cosmic IQ program:


We are looking forward to sharing the Cosmic IQ program with you and to make it an experience that will be both enjoyed and remembered. We would like to emphasize a few details which would help us to provide you with the best possible experience.


Removing Shoes

Before entering the planetarium dome, students will be asked to remove their shoes. The facilitator will direct you to a designated area for shoes, school bags, jackets, and other personal items.


Boundary Markers

Before each program, supervisors will be shown the program boundary markers which indicate where the participants should be seated. Once the students are seated we will begin our program introduction. Supervisors should help ensure that the boundaries are honored until we have the opportunity to introduce the program and demonstrate the program decorum and instructions.



A big part of maintaining a controlled and overall successful program environment is to ensure that we have support in ensuring that the program flows well and that the participants follow the program instructions. We strongly urge supervisors to work with us to ensure high quality, fun and engaging experience. In addition to the boundary markers, our program instructor will inform the group how to enter the planetarium dome and where they should be seated once they have entered.


Technical & Logistics:


Off-loading and Parking

Please try and make accommodations for us to be able to offload our equipment and pack it down after the program is complete. Because we will be offloading a lot of heavy equipment and props for the program, we request that the easiest possible offloading point and elevators (freight or regular) be made available to us.

It is also very helpful for us to be provided a parking space in situations where parking is limited or difficult to find. If parking is unavailable and we need to pay for a parking space, we will submit receipts to you to cover the parking expenses.

For NYC programs, we request that parking expenses be covered. We will submit receipts to you for proof of payment.


Space Requirements

For the Cosmic IQ program, we require a minimum area of 25 x 25 feet for the dome with a 13-feet height clearance (e.g. social hall, large classroom, gym…etc). We strongly suggest that the room which is made available to us is clean, tidy and quiet. Preferably a space that IS NOT shared by other activities and potential distractions.

  • Dome Dimensions: 20 feet diameter and the height clearance of at least 13 feet.

(Please contact us in advance to discuss the space and set up if you are unsure about the room or resources you have available. We can be reached on 201-735-9222)


Setting Up

We prefer to set up the room and have everything ready before the program starts, without disturbance. The program begins as the audience enters the room. The impact of people walking into a room that is impeccably arranged is important to the process. We would appreciate any possible support in making this happen.


Sound System and Microphones

We will be bringing our own sound system for the program, but in some situations – extra-large group sizes or non-conventional performance space – we may request that you provide a basic sound system (PA, microphones, and speakers).


Working with you

We are aware that each program setting is going to be different. If you have a specific situation or space which requires special arrangements, we will do our utmost to accommodate you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns at or on 201 735 9222.

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